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What is Career Coaches Unlimited?

Career Coaches Unlimited is a new HIEC community mentorship initiative. Career Coaches Unlimited is made possible by the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

  • For students it is an opportunity to explore specific career and occupation choices.
  • For adult volunteers it is an opportunity to be involved in building a successful future workforce

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Career Coaches Unlimited builds on the foundation of our highly successful Men as Career Coaches & Women as Career Coaches programs, drawing together already-engaged adult community members and high school students for further one-to-one sharing and inspiration. The program brings additional sector focussed mentorship opportunities to Halton. While MACC and WACC are all about the career journey; Career Coaches Unlimited will focus more on the career destination.

Using current Labour Market Information and consultation with Economic Development staff and Chamber of Commerce representatives Career Coaches Unlimited will focus on three to four sectors important to the future growth and prosperity of communities in Halton.

Principles Underlying the Project:

  • Student success. Engages students in a mentorship process with volunteer adults that provide young people with valuable real-world context and support for their learning. Mentorship programs offer a proven foundation for long-term success.
  • Community demand. Fills an identified gap between short-term mentorship opportunities available at MACC & WACC events and the more formalized opportunities for employers and students available through school-based experiential learning.
  • Volunteerism. Works with already engaged volunteer adults, leveraging MACC & WACC as platforms to raise awareness and build confidence in the value of the program.
  • Inclusivity. After the gender-specific mentorship events, provides an opportunity for cross-audience mentorship, and continues to bring diverse members of the community together to work toward positive outcomes.
  • Workforce Development. Sector-based mentorship provides an opportunity for one-to-one questions and deeper mentorship connections between adults and young people. Providing young people with the confidence and knowledge they need to pursue their area of interest into a career can have positive long-term economic impacts for the region.

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Our Advisory:

The Career Coaches Unlimited Advisory is an important planning and communication link to our Halton community. The advisory will:

  • Provide input to HIEC staff for the planning of a series of sector specific events for Halton high school students
  • Provide up to date industry perspectives that can be integrated into the planning of the Career Coaches Unlimited events
  • Provide HIEC staff with connections to sector specific contacts and resources
  • Maximize opportunities for partnerships and networking that support the success of career Coaches Unlimited
  • Assist with the development of a long term communication strategy

The Career Coaches Unlimited Advisory Group will consist of at 20 - 25 members including:

  • At least 2 student representatives
  • At least 1 representative from Chambers of Commerce
  • At least 1 representative from Municipal Economic Development
  • At least 2 representatives from each of the following sectors:

    • Health Care and Medical Technologies
    • Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
    • Information Technology, Communications and Digital Media
    • Professional Services including Service Sector Trades
  • Others may be invited to participate in meetings to provide advice and assistance

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