It is instructive to note that nearly ten percent of successful applicants were referred out to enhance their candidacy at some point in their application process, suggesting that this function improves the chances of finding appropriate apprenticeship matches for some candidates who might otherwise have been overlooked by employers. By using an involved approach to matching - one that analyzes an applicant’s candidacy and refers them to the steps and processes that can enhance it - offers one example of how a middle-man approach to matching can provide winning conditions for apprenticeship.

Employer Access to Opportunities

Many of the employers interviewed for this study heard about from work associates – like suppliers or contractors – or from college officials. The access that job-matching sites such as can provide results in a generally competitive process for available apprenticeship opportunities, as shown in Figure 2. Looking at successful apprenticeship matches facilitated by from 2010-2014, one-third had fewer than ten applicants per position. Similarly, most employers interviewed for this study described the process of hiring through as efficient and convenient: not only did they receive a greater number of applicants than when advertising job openings through other means (such as newspapers and online classifieds), they also received a higher caliber of applicant.

Figure 2: Number of Applicants per Apprenticeship Facilitated by


“Getting in as an apprentice with an employer is pretty difficult, especially now. I’m now an employer hiring apprentices [and] hiring someone with no experiences is kind of a big liability for your company.”

— Justin, former apprentice & now- journeyman in construction sector