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What is the HIEC - Virtual Career Lab?

We want young people to keep imagining their futures, planning for tomorrow and learning about occupations. Our goal is to support educators, parents and students participating in Ontario’s at home learning program by starting and keeping career conversations going. It is a great way to enhance your at home program with fun ideas that can be shared in the community. 

Our first element includes a fun activity related to careers in the essential services for all grade levels. Learning about occupations in the essential services is also a great place to start and to help raise the spirits of our front line workers.

Want to know how to get started?  Check out the videos, upload the resources below and continue the career conversations! Watch this space for more announcements and activities.

Interested in hearing more from us?
Email us for up to date information about the work we are doing at HIEC to continue the career conversation!

Virtual Job Profiles

Video #1

Do you know a young person who is interested in becoming a poet/writer? Watch and share our very first Virtual Job Profile featuring Paul Edward Costa – Poet Laureate of Mississauga! You’ll find useful information about the realities of becoming a writer, resources on improving your practice, great tips and tricks for getting your work seen and breaking into the industry


Celebrating Essentials Workers: 

Click here for details:  Research into Essential Services

Personality Profile & Career Vision Board

Click here for details: Personality Profile and Career Path Vision Board

Let’s Help Bob find a Suitable Job

Click here for details: Let’s Help Bob find a Suitable Job

Career Path BINGO and At Home Networking

Click here for details: Career Path BINGO and at Home Networking

Career-Related Terminology Challenge

Click here for details: Career-Related Terminology Challenge!

Family Tree – Occupation and Profession Edition

Click here for details: Family Tree – Occupation and Profession Edition

Video Resources

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