Literacy for Seniors

What is Technological Literacy for Seniors

HIEC’s Expanding Online Safety and Technological Literacy for Seniors Program promotes intergenerational mentorship as a tool to support the social participation and inclusion of seniors.

The program asks secondary and post-secondary students to develop and deliver Cyber Security and Internet Safety training for seniors in the community, allowing seniors to more confidently and safely participate in online life – from connecting with family over video calls and email, to navigating online shopping and banking.

This project is a part of the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program, and will fulfill the program’s objectives of:

  • Supporting the social participation and inclusion of seniors;
  • Introducing measures to reduce crimes and harm against seniors;
  • Helping seniors navigate access to government benefits online;
  • Developing and delivering virtual programming for seniors; and
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to support the social inclusion of seniors.

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